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Finding The Right DJ For Your Wedding

What Are Your Expectations Of A DJ?

Detailed Planning Of Your Wedding Reception

Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys stands out among a mixed field of DJs. We focus on overall value for you, the client. Extensive planning, world class sound and concert level lighting, combine with the music and our male/female teams, for a unique show. We are proud to say that our journey in Wisconsin started in 1988.

We provide full time customer service and thorough planning, ongoing training, quality improvement and a flexible selection of show "systems" for your event. Our continuous music will drive the tempo of the evening. We'll work with you to assure your event's success.

We can transform your reception hall with dramatic Uplighting Design. We can provide sound, music and planning for your ceremony. You can choose to customize your event with extended cocktail music, a monogram, or even add "remote sound zones" away from the main ballroom/dance area. We also offer unique items like Star Dancing™ and WEDDLive™.

All of our options can be selected individually to go with whatever system you choose based on your venue size, crowd size, and your vision. We offer options in an "al-a-carte" type menu so you don't have to select a "package" that requires you to pay for something you don't want or need.

Entertainment is not a commodity. Compare DJ services based on the value which you receive, not on the perceptions you might have of a DJ. A low priced DJ may save a few dollars but can cost the success of your event!

Our commitment is straight forward. We will provide you with the creativity, experience and originality to make your event successful. We will work with you to create an entertainment experience.

Give us a call so we chat on the phone, meet in person, or have a video conference.

While others follow & imitate, for over two decades we have been creative and innovative.

Uniquely Original in Wisconsin Since 1988!

An "a-la-carte" Menu

One size does not fit all. You don't have to select a "pre-packaged" expensive option, to get what you want, while having to pay for something you don't need. Instead, select a "system" size that fits your ballroom, or crowd size, then add any "a-la'carte" item that you wish, to any system you select. It's that simple!

Consider the Value of A DJ

There are a lot of DJ services. Some new, some established. Many just starting. Different price ranges, different experience levels, different options. A different value for the customer. Some plan, organize & some dress appropriately. But not all.