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Ceremony Music

Music & Planning For Your Wedding Ceremony

You Don't Have To Be Traditional !

As part of our overall services here at Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys, we can provide the music and planning for your ceremony. We have designed dedicated systems that are specially designed for ceremonies. We also have specific personnel that only do ceremonies.

In some cases the wedding ceremony is in an adjoining ballroom or terrace to the main dinner and reception area and in other cases the it may be outside on a lawn or gazebo type area. In either case we can do the ceremony even if there is NO power available. Yes, let me say that again, we can do a full coverage ceremony with no electrical power!

We normally provide about 30 minutes of light background seating music as guests are arriving and usually about 3-5 songs for use during the ceremony. We have multiple types of wireless microphones including handheld and clip-on so that your crowd can hear the officiant, vocalists and readers. It is all professionally mixed together seamlessly by the sound technician utilizing the same technology that is used on concert tours to provide a crisp and clear live sound.

We will perform your wedding ceremony as a stand-alone service, even if we are not entertaining for your reception. In general our services can provide cost savings over quartets, trios or harpists. A wide and varied song selection is available, beyond limitations of acoustic musicians.

We can even utilize the WEDDLive system to keep the event "live" for the two of you.

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Outdoors or Indoors?

Our services provide the music you choose (traditional or non-traditional), sound coverage, and timeline planning. You'll find that it'll flow smoothly with the rest of your day (we arrive before anyone else gets there to make sure it all goes together) and is most often less expensive than other sources.

Pricing: $300-$400

Worry Free

The "non traditional" ceremony trend continues to grow. A two-page planner is sent to you several weeks before the ceremony. It completely covers every detail from "seating" music through "I do". It is then reviewed and modified during a sit down meeting. Your day goes off without a hitch!