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Mini DJ Systems

What Is a Mini System?

It's a small and compact DJ system, yet covers your needs!

Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys wanted to come up with an alternative. Maybe you want music for your event, but the event is small, casual, and you really just want some music, not a big production. You don't need the "entertainment" or the planning details. Maybe the event is just cocktails or background music for a couple hours. A charity event, blind auction, or just a training gathering or conference. A small outdoor barbecue, a pavillion in a park, or a grand opening at a local store.

Basically, an event where you don't need much more than music or sound reinforcement for a couple hours. You want somebody to run the system for you and not worry about doing music. These are what MiniSystems were designed for. MiniSystems DO NOT take the place of professional DJ entertainment.

MiniSystems are compact, have a small "footprint" and are fast to set up providing a single DJ for music or announcements. They can be done using wireless "music zones" for events that need the sound system spread out throughout a ballroom. Pricing starts at $599

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MiniSystems Contain

One (1) DJ / Operator

• Professional audio system

• Two (2) powered speakers

• Wireless mic for announcements

• Wireless Speakers if needed

• 8,000 song digital library