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Monograms, Gobos & Stencils

Add Another Dimension To Your Event

What Is A Monogram?

Monograms are usually projected on a wall, but can also be done on the floor, or even ceilings. You can select design font, picture or style. It can contain your names or event date, or just a graphic. We can give you some suggestions and even show you examples.

Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys can create a striking appearance when using a monogram in conjunction with subtle lighting backdrops. "Stenciling" can also be used to project objects such as leaves for a fall wedding, or stars for a ceiling projection. Most of the time you see monograms in white. In our case, we can do different colors if desired. Our monogram service is ONLY available with Uplighting or with DJ service, not as an individual item.

The newest trend is to do "motion monograms".  It's exactly what it says! Instead of just a projection, it is actually a projection that moves!  It could be tons of different options... but as an example, for a winter wedding, perhaps your names projected with snowflakes falling behind your names! Maybe a streaking comet drawing out your names on the wall!

 Pricing Starts at: $199

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Client Comments

"SDDJ is absolutely AMAZING!!!! SDDJ put on an incredible party at our wedding reception. From the wedding party introductions at the beginning of the night, to the unique ideas they had to add to our event...eveything was perfect! Our dance floor was packed all night long! They were very organized, accomodating and flexible with our schedule and needs. They were also readily available any time we needed to speak with them. I would recommend SDDJ to everyone! THANK YOU SDDJ!! "

"When we found Sound Dimensions, we knew they were perfect for our wedding. Other DJs portrayed the typical boring, running a DJ service out of a van type, and to us we wanted every guest to remember the fun they had at our wedding because of the DJ. From the start they met with us, talked about what what music we liked, what we didn't like and the personality of those we had invited. They talked about their equipment & when they did a sample for us, we were was instantly hooked. Equipment was top of the line."

"Sound Dimensions was such a great company to work with at my wedding. What made me feel relaxed and comfortable with their company was how organized the whole process was. We really did choreograph the night! My DJ had questions for me that I wouldn't have even thought of on my own. All the THREE of the DJs at my wedding were professional, flexible, and accommodating. The music sets they created were perfect and it kept our friends and family on the dance floor all night long. "

"Music is a very important part of your special day...ONLY BOOK WITH THE BEST..SOUND DIMENSIONS! They were AMAZING! They were absolutely the best dee jays and our wedding reception was SPECTACULAR due to their fun-spirited personalities, professionalism, and music selection. I am so happy they were a part of our "team" of entertainment for the evening. WE LOVED YOU GUYS!!!"