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World Class Sound Systems

Designed & Engineered for Sound Quality

Does it really matter how it sounds, I just want to dance?


Our sound is clear, crisp, smooth and powerful. It is well defined and balanced. Our systems are not harsh and ear piercing, or muffled. You hear every sound naturally, the way the recording artist intended - from tight vocals to crashing cymbals!

Typical DJ's use two speakers and an average sound system. Some DJs have very good sound systems, but simply don't know how to tune or operate it correctly. Either way, they avoid the details to ensure the absolute best sound. We can assure that our sound systems will outperform typical DJ services.

Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys design and engineer our systems for the highest, uncompromised quality sound. Our sound systems are not purchased "off the shelf" at the "local" music store. They are built to specifications designed by concert engineers to avoid the "muddy" bass, the "brassy" highs and the "distortion" that we hear so often from a DJ. These world class systems are driven by crisp, clean power and they definitely don't sound like the DJs that use 2 speakers on poles!

Our larger sound systems utilize technology such as "horn coupling" and "array" alignment for precise sound coverage throughout a room. This is concert tour production technology designed for clarity and optimal coverage. We use stage monitors behind us, so we can hear everything in front of us. Special processing equipment compliment our world class audio systems. We use some of the very same equipment that Kenny Chesney and the Grammys use. Processors used by artists like Martina McBride, Kenny G, and Aerosmith can be found in our systems. Components found on tour with Jimmy Buffett, Rascal Flatts and Bruce Springsteen are utilized in major parts of our sound systems. They are the components these touring acts rely on night after night, and that we utilize to bring top quality sound to our shows.

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Pure Energy!

Crowds have defined our sound as "pure energy"! Using CD & digital hard drives, we have created unique sounding systems. It is "clean" sound that you'll hear, "feel", and be part of. Not overwhelming. Simply compare our sound with other mobile DJ systems.

One size does not fit all !

Systems are recommended for each event, differing in size. This is based on the crowd size, ballroom size, and ultimately what the client is looking to accomplish with their event.