Now Let's Dance!

Time Proven and Crowd Tested. It's What You Do With The Music And How You Use It. Sound Dimensions Disc Jockeys believes it is important to be "creative" with the music.

Time Proven & Crowd Tested. The music will fit your crowd's personality and your vision. From Oldies to Top 40, Pop, Dance and Motown. You'll choose styles of music from 70s Retro to Classic Rock, and from Country to Big 80s. From Swing to Hip Hop and R&B, and Big Band to Specialty tunes. We'll perform the evening's music in an original way to give you the show that we've built our reputation on.

It's All About What You Do With The Music

Your guests should be able to stay on the floor and enjoy the night without making them "work at it". It's really that simple. The show is based on past success, with your input during planning. Choreographed styles of music allow us to keep your crowd engaged, use our lighting, and drive the energy level.

The timing and presentation are critical. Both make a significant impact on the crowd. Best of all, we'll involve you, and your guests, in some "Uniquely Original™" ideas with songs that you are familiar with, and probably hear at every wedding, but yet have never "heard" or "seen" them done like this before.

Check On Our AVAILABILITY! Let's Get Dancing!

We will provide you with the creativity, experience and originality to make your night a celebration!